AJ Automatic Rice Mill Process Flow Diagram

AJ Automatic Rice Mill follows the flow diagram below and represents the configuration.

Description of the flow of materials and processes

  • 1  paddy is dumped in the intake pit feeding the pre-cleaner
    A  straw, chaff, and empty grains are removed
  • 2  pre-cleaned paddy moves to the rubber roll husker:
    B  husk removed by the aspirator
  • 3  a mixture of brown rice and unhusked paddy moves to the separator
  • 4  unhusked paddy is separated and returned to the rubber roll husker
  • 5  brown rice moves to the destoner
    C  small stones, Mudd balls etc. removed by de-stoner
  • 6  de-stoned, brown rice moves to the 1st stage (abrasive) whitener
  • 7  partially milled rice moves to the 2nd stage (friction) whitener
    D  Coarse (from 1st whitener) and fine (from 2nd whitener) bran removed from the rice grain during the whitening process
  • 8  milled rice moves to the sifter
    E  Small broken/brewer’s rice removed by the sifter
  • 9a  (for simple rice mill) ungraded, milled rice moves to the bagging station
  • 9b  (for more sophisticated mill) milled rice moves to the polisher1
  • 10  Polished rice, will move to length grader
  • 11  Head rice moves to head rice bin
  • 12  Brokens moves to the broken bin
  • 13  The pre-selected amount of head rice and broken move to the blend station
  • 14  Custom-made blend of head rice and broken moves to the bagging station
  • 15  Bagged Rice moves to the market


Removal of all the impurities and unfilled grains from the paddy

Per Boiling

Helps in improving the nutritional quality by gelatinization of starch inside the rice grain


The process is to separate small stones from paddy.


The process to remove the husk from the paddy.

Husk Aspiration

Separating the husk from brown rice/ unhusked paddy.

Paddy Separation

Separating the unhusked paddy from brown rice.


Removing all or part of the bran layer and germ from brown rice


Improvement of the appearance of the milled rice through the removal of the remaining Barn particles and polishing of the exterior of the milled kernel.

Sorting and Grading

Separation of discolored and large and small breaks from the head rice concept clarity is required.

Weighing & Bagging

Preparation of the milled Rice for transporting to the customer.