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About Our Company

Bangladesh is an agricultural country. The main economy of the rural people, almost 75% of the total population, is based on Agriculture.

The diversification of the agricultural products is needed to increase their economic strength and living standard.

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We believe service and commitments are the main for us. AJ Auto Rice Mills Ltd.

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Paddy to Rice

We produce Rice from Paddy. Paddy is our raw/ first steps goods. Harvest paddy from the field, local, and the country market we follow several steps for you finished goods RICE. Our automatic rice mill service is ready for production bulk and supply all over the country and globally.


Finish Goods (Export Quality): RICE

Katari Bhog Rice

Katari Bhog rice is renowned for its special white color, heritage and rich aroma. Katari bhog rice perfect for any occasion to serve your near and dear one. It is acknowledged for properties like pearly-white, long grains, high traditional value and delicacy.

Chinigurah Rice

Food value: Natural aroma, Calories, Carbohydrates.

Chinigura rice is the tastiest rice grain in Bangladesh. Mostly used for cooking Pulao, Khichuri, Biryani, or the authentic Bangladeshi Payesh, this rice is the favorite grain of many. The rice adds flavor and aroma to all dishes and brings festivity to every occasion.

Basmoti Rice

Minikate Rice

Food value: Carbohydrates.

It goes with the eating routine perfectly because it has artificial richness.

Zirasail Rice

Food value: Calories, from Fat, Sodium, Potassium & Carbohydrates.

Nazirsail Rice

Food value: Calories, from Fat, Sodium, Potassium & Carbohydrates

Nazirshail is amazingly parboiled rice that is wealthy in quality. It is good for maintaining a good diet because it controls stomach acridity supportive for clogging and inside the issue. It goes with the eating routine perfectly because it has artificial richness.

Have a Large Project : RICE PROCESSING


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  • Paddy Free Cleaning
  • Soaking Progress
  • Boiler
  • Drying Process
  • Hulling
  • Paddy Dryer
  • Color Sorter
  • Packing


  1. AJ Auto Rice Mill is Located in Bochaganj, Dinajpur, The city of Rice. We are ready to deliver goods all over every part of our country.
  2. The traditional and modern work experience and specialized technical advantages of AJ Auto Rice Mill create and maintain high-quality RICE.
  3. Our modern automation technology ensures that your orders arrive as specified on time, every time.
  4. We give full assurance of the quality of rice according to your needs or compromise.
  5. We provide full assurance of production and delivery as per customer’s demand
  6. We guarantee you a fully equipped RAF rice grading scale house to ensure the top quality of the rice products
  7. Considering the satisfaction of the customer’s expectations, we are always aware of product quality standards starting from the tenure of the commodity. The proficiency and ability of our staff to gain knowledge and expertise in quality control ensure the availability of your desired product.


AJ AUTO RICE MILLS LTD. launching soon CHINIGURA Rice packet in the retail market.

Paddy to Rice

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